Features of Smartkey-Plus
  • Anti-scanning with 281 Trillion digital security codes
  • Automatically armed both immobilizer and Alarm System
  • Anti-temper mode which sound siren if car is"hot wired"
  • Immobilized up to 3 circuits in different location for better security
  • Built in service override / valet mode. Enable you to service your vehicle or park the vehicle by attendant without handling the access Smartkey to them
  • Built in buzzer informs driver of arming, disarming and service override conditions
  • Built in LED shows armed, disarmed and service override mode provision for external siren
  • Memorized LED status to indicate system being tampered
  • Programmable (by owner) up to 7 Smartkey

  • Anti-thief alarm system by Door Switch sensing

  Remote Control Immobilizer
  Features of BAS Remote Control Immobilizer
  • Remote transmission up to 300ft range
  • Anti-scanning with 847,288 million codes
  • Car finder / panic feature
  • Auto rearm
  • Door not properly closed warning
  • 3 level LED trip intrusion indication
  • Manual override reset function
  • Door switch sensing
  • Hazard lights short-circuit tampered protection
  • Programmable chirping on/off select ignition cut-off (immobilizer) feature
  • Optional sensors input sensing

Note: This model may also be installed and served as Car Alarm System

  SmartGuard Immobilizer
  Features of SmartGuard:-
  • Special Transponder embedded into the key holder make the mechanical key "Smart"
  • Anti-scanning with 4.29 billion digital security codes
  • Automatically armed both immobilizer and Alarm System
  • Anti-temper mode which sound siren if car is hot wire. (Try to start without key)
  • Immobilized up to 3 circuits
  • Very simple to used. No direct physical contact is necessary between the key and the system
  • Sense door open. Give intruder very little time to over ride the system
  • Compact casing, easy installation
  • Will not allow any duplication ordinary mechanical key to start the vehicle unless in the service mode
  • Service mode provided to disable system during vehicle servicing
  • User is given 2 special electronic keys. Two more extra can be added and learn into system. This special key are call "legal" key. Microprocessor in the smartguard will recognize this key.

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